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Precision Tooling is a line of non-genuine spare parts suitable to professional chain saws.

The Precision Tooling name was introduced in the market of the chain saw spare parts in 1974 and this year (2014) is the 40th. anniversary of life for this brand that is world-wide recognised as the reference by the professional loggers.

In fact, the Precision Tooling name and registered trade mark is well known all over the world but in particular is very well established in the tropical areas where the professional chain saws have an heavy and daily use and consequently the demand of spare parts is very high: Precision Tooling has made his name for the top quality of non genuine spare parts that perfectly replace the original ones.

Thousands of cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, air filters, electrical components are sold every year under the Precision Tooling name and in many years of marketing and activity the products have reached the most remote areas inside the tropical forests of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

All Precision Tooling spare parts are designed and engineered with Italian knowledge and technology, marketed worldwide by professional importers and dealers only.